Roller Skating Is In!

Remember roller skating at the rink as a kid or teen? Ah! those were the day’s. How I miss being hand in hand with my girlfriends, falling together and laughing about it later, eating pizza and drinking slurpees.

Well…those day’s have never left. as we grow older, most of us think we can’t or shouldn’t go to the rink anymore, but we sure can! I am almost 30 and I recently started skating again. I love it! Going back to the rink has brought back so many memories and it has also made me feel alive again.

Not only is roller skating fun, it’s also a great workout. if you’re thinking about skating, please checkout the roller skates I have available for purchase. They are simple yet stylish.

Classic Adult Women’s All White High Roller Skates Size 6/7 Made with Premium Quilted Faux Leather, for $95.50 via @amazon

All White Flash Wheel Roller Skates

I hope you enjoy yourself and live life for you!

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